Are You Planning a Property Demolition?

Is your home no longer fit for purpose? Maybe it was damaged in an accident? Perhaps your growing family needs somewhere larger to live, or maybe you simply purchased a rundown property with the intention of using the site for something else? Whatever your plans may be, you will need to remove the existing property before you can create something new. To safely remove the building, whatever state it may be in, you will need to work with demolition contractors.

Planning the demolition

It is important that your chosen demolition contractors are happy to come and inspect the site so that they can properly assess exactly what needs to be done. No two demolitions are exactly the same, and it is vital that the site is properly examined so that any special circumstances can be noted and accounted for in the demolition plan. Factors that the demolition contractors will want to take into account include the amount of demolition required, the materials in the structure of the building and the proximity of the building to other properties or public areas.

Partial or full demolition

While in some cases removing the entire structure and starting again may be the right decision, that isn't always the case. Sometimes your property may have an attractive or historically interesting frontage that you want to preserve. Sometimes you may simply want to remove a damaged section from the property and keep everything else. In these cases, a partial demolition is the best solution. When you talk to the demolition contractors, they will be able to explain how a partial demolition works and when it could be right for you.

Proximity to Other Homes

If the property being demolished is in an isolated location, then there isn't much likelihood of disturbing anyone else, but if the property is located in a crowded environment surrounded by other homes or on a busy street, then the demolition contractors will have to identify the safest way of bringing down the building without endangering the public. In some cases, they might need to apply for permission to close the road or the surrounding area. At other times, they may want to use an implosion technique and collapse your property from within rather than opting for a conventional demolition. It is always advisable to get the demolition contractors involved in the planning at the earliest possible stage. They will be able to work out exactly what needs to be done and provide you with a reliable time frame for completing every task involved in the demolition.