Three Practical Steps for Repairing Your Rusted and Dented Commercial Metal Doors

Metal doors are favoured for commercial entrances because they are exceptionally strong and highly durable. In simple terms, these structures will provide optimal protection to the interior space, and they will not deteriorate prematurely due to heavy usage. However, you should note that these doors are not infallible. They can sustain dents due to high impact or mechanical pressure, and the surfaces can develop rust if the external conditions are unfavourable. If your commercial door is showing these signs of deterioration, you should use the practical tips outlined to conducts repairs.

Plan on Sanding

You should sand the damaged section of the metal panels when conducting commercial door repair. This process will allow for the elimination of rust deposits and residue from the door. Also, you should remove old paint coating from the area. You should sand persistently until the area is smooth and clean. You should note that metal fillings, rust particles and paint shavings can be harmful. Therefore, you should use a respirator to protect your lungs and goggles to cover your eyes.

Fill the Dent

If there is a dent on your metal door, you should fill the damaged area before proceeding with restoration. Filling the gap will preserve the appeal of the door and structural integrity of the door. For this process, you will need putty. Ideally, you should purchase auto body filler patty. Apply the material over the dent and smooth out the putty to create an even surface. Then, check the manufacturer's instructions for the curing period and allow the putty to dry for that length of time.

Sand and Paint

After the putty patch cures, you should sand the area to make it blend with the rest of the door panels. You should use fine grit sandpaper to make the surface smooth. If handling the sandpaper is difficult, you can wrap the material around a block of wood first. Once you finish sanding, wipe the surface with a clean towel and proceed to painting. You can use spray or brush-on paint, depending on your preferences. When choosing your paint product, you should look for shades which will blend in with the rest of the door to avoid creating a prominent patch.

If your commercial metal door is exposed to extreme mechanical stress or shearing forces due to inclement weather or an attempted break-in, it might be difficult to conduct repairs. Therefore, you should consult an experienced damage contractor to examine and restore the door.