Signs that your building needs underpinning

When a contractor is planning a new building, they will make sure that they have started it off with a very strong foundation. However, with time, the soil may shift, weakening the foundation. When this happens, you may need to put in place measures to strengthen the already weak structures. This is where underpinning contractors come in. But before you call in the contractors, you need to figure out whether your house is indeed weakened enough to require underpinning.

When the doors and windows won't close properly

The first indicator that your house could be having serious foundation issues is when the doors start jamming or refuse to latch properly. When the foundation weakens, the house starts shifting. These shifts may increase or decrease the distance left out for the door or the window. When this happens, the doors and windows start jamming.

Cracks all over the building

Another major sign of trouble with a house foundation is when cracks start appearing on surfaces such as a ceramic floor, on the walls and the spaces where the walls meet the ceilings. These are caused by the continuous shifting of the weight of the house because as a result of the compromised structural integrity.

Unevenness of the foundation wall

Another way that you can tell that you are having foundation trouble is when the foundation wall is not even on the outside. If you check along the outside wall of your house and see that the wall is not at the same level like it was when the house was first constructed, it means that you are dealing with foundation issues. Other issues that could indicate foundation problems include a bulge in the concrete or a curve in the concrete wall. The bulges usually mean that the foundation is expanding and contracting, and this is putting excessive pressure on the walls.

Weak foundation concrete

The other common sign of foundation issues is when the concrete easily breaks or flakes off. Ideally, foundation concrete should be so hard that you cannot damage it. If you poke the foundation with a screwdriver, and realise that it is chipping, it is the possible reason that the foundation has weakened.

If you have tried all these tests and are certain that you could be having foundation problems, it is time to think about getting an expert to fix the problem. In most cases, they will simply install underpinning, which will strengthen the foundation. On the other hand, if they feel that the foundation is weakened, they could recommend that it be replaced. For more information, contact companies like Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning.